Freitag, 20. Februar 2015


5 Woman Tubes
Transparent, PNG-Format
Rendered in Poser and partly from me painted in Photoshop
PU(Personal Use)
Terms of use, can be found in the zipfile
System requirements: Any software able to open png files.

This Poser Tubes you can use also than CU, but only if you have my free CU License
and you may use for your Scrapkits but not more than 2 Posertubes per Scrapkits and as PU Scrapkit.
When you want to resell as a CU.. You need to have my Lifetime CU4CU License
what you can sell on mine store.
Both licenses must be displayed on your blog or website
You can find my free CU License on my Blog:

You can buy this Posertubes in my Stores
You can find the Stores on the right Site

Or just click on the yellow button

€ 1,50 / $ 1,85

Thank you for purchasing my Poser.
Have fun with my Poser.
Marzena Goyer/BluefairyMagicDreams

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